Thursday, June 28, 2012

Living life along the Suwannee River in North Florida I have seen many of Mother Natures Gifts. The calm beauty of the slow moving waters, the gliding alligators, and the mystical manatees. Although at times her fury does show, as it has been the past week. Most of North Florida was hammered by Tropical Storm Debby (June 25-27, 2012) and she left behind waters of bittersweetness. The farmers and gardeners have been praying for rain, peoples water wells had started to dry up, the town of Cedar Key along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico coastline was without fresh water to drink. Then came Debby and changed everything for so many. Her slow moving counter clockwise movement was at a snails pace, her winds were not to high, but her water was a killer. It took life, love, good times and bad away from so many. In a matter of hours homes and businesses were consumed with the waters from the storm, roadways washed away, the earth opened into sinkholes swallowing whatever was at one time sitting proudly atop. The sun is now shinning and some of the waters have receeded, but for many the worst is to come. The rivers in North Florida are going to crest within the next week, some with record highs. We are all in this together so take time to realize how we can help each other.