Saturday, June 30, 2012


AUTO ZOOM:  If you will stop as they say and smell the roses you may be surprised at what you will find. My Canon 7D goes everywhere with me and on those rare occasions that it gets left behind I truly regret it. Through the course of my daily travels to and from work and especially on my lunch hour I see the world through the lens of my camera. Traveling down roads less traveled I slowly make my way taking time to enjoy the beauty of the world. With only a truck and maybe a farmer on his tractor their is hardly any traffic to worry about. Sometimes it can take me 30 minutes just to journey a mile. Occasionally I do get out of my Ford Explorer to get a better angle or clearer view. Explore and widen the view of life around me.

Fox squirrels, cows, eagles mating, abandoned homes, old barns and farm equipment, empty and abandoned passenger train cars to mention a few of my finds.

The sun through the early morning fog creates streaks of light. Mornings provide unlimited opportunities of Gobblers in Full Strut and Hens gathering around to see their full beauty. A doe and her fawns are off in the distance, keeping a close range to their mom.

 When the temperature is low the steam off the back of dairy cows bellows upward. Calfs frolic, run and jump starting their day in a playfull way.

Farmers preparing for their day unlocking the gates to sprauling fields of corn, watermelon, peanuts and hay. The smell of cutting hay fields is one of comfort to me, knowing that the land and hard work has paid off another year for the man on the John Deere Tractor. The fields full of hay bales is a beautiful site. Large round golden bales atop the green grass is knowing that many horses, cows and other uses will be met. Young boys helping in the fields learning leasons of life while working in the hot humid sun, loading trailers to help their family. Many of lifes important lessons for a young person has been learned on the farm, having the responsibility of feeding the animals, cleaning stalls, and helping with the crops. Oh when old enough to be able to sit on the John Deere and be able to drive all by myself, that is a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Taking care to keep the tractor within the rows as to not damage the planted crops.